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Dear guest:

In relation to the particularities of this season generated by Covid-19, we have adopted all the health security measures required by the competent authorities in order to guarantee the total safety of all guests and our team.


Given the context generated by the effect of Covid-19, there are certain particular conditions both in contracting and in the provision of services, which are reported through a link together with the reservation confirmation.

The current protocol and the modifications that may arise in compliance with the regulations of the health authorities, is part of the general contracting conditions and implies your commitment to compliance.

Our prevention, safety and hygiene measures adopted so far are:


The spacious and bright public areas of our hotel facilitate permanent air renewal, while offering a comfortable transit of guests and clients.
All visitors who enter the property must comply with health and disinfection control requirements in a post designated for this purpose.


  • Shoe sanitizing mat upon entry

  • Temperature control to guests and clients.

  • Use of masks by guests, clients and employees.

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection in high contact areas.

  • Location of hand sanitizer stations at different points, and signage.

  • Ventilation by natural means and air conditioning without air recycling.

We will encourage and comply with the rules of social distancing.

  • Clear social distancing signage in all public areas.

  • Capacity limitations for common areas and the use of elevators.


  • New procedures adapted to the protocols reported by the national health authorities, correct use of cleaning materials and tools, and disinfection.

  • Periodic temperature control.

  • Personal protective equipment used at all times by all members of the hotel.

  • Frequent cleaning of the common areas of transit of the team members.

We have streamlined the registration procedure to reduce waiting time and contact between people.


  • NEW SCHEDULE: check-in to the hotel will be from 2:00 p.m. and check-out at 10 a.m. Early Check In (early entries) and Late Check Out (late departures) will not be allowed.

  • Check-in online.

  • The luggage will be sprayed with sanitizer

  • Installation of a plexiglass panel at the reception desk to reduce physical contact.

  • Periodic disinfection of magnetic keys.

  • General hotel information through QR codes and mobile APP.

  • The guest must be notified of the hotel's operational guidelines, and must complete a DDJJ with information about their health status or symptoms, if any.

  • We are developing a mobile APP to minimize contact between staff and guests, and from there have access to all hotel services: check-in, reservations for extra services, request for shifts for breakfast time or reservations at the restaurant, room Service, account statement and Check-Out without having to go through reception.

  • Garage: there will be no valet parking service. In case of availability, each passenger must park their own vehicle, following the instructions of the staff.

Strict room cleaning protocols are enforced prior to the arrival of all guests.


  • Minimum ventilation of 30 minutes a day, deep and systematic disinfection.

  • Disinfection of bathrooms and subsequent application of a quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution that destroys viruses and bacteria.

  • Daily application on curtains, mattresses, pillows, covers and cushions of sanitizing solution.

  • Hotel staff will not enter to perform tasks while the guest is inside

  • When asking for help with their luggage for check-out, the guest must leave them outside the room, so that a porter can collect them and deposit them directly in the reception lobby.

  • The bathroom amenities are removed from the rooms to avoid manipulation. Remaining the same available upon request.

  • All brochures, letters and general information of the hotel are withdrawn, replacing it with QR codes and app.

  • The room service menu will be available in the hotel's app. The order can be made through the app or by phone.

  • The tableware in the suite is disinfected with a sanitizing solution during the room cleaning service.

  • Air conditioning without air recycling and periodic filter cleaning.

Food and beverages offered at the hotel will meet our validation guidelines. Likewise, suppliers of supplies and products must respect strict cleaning and delivery protocols.


  • New capacities to meet the minimum required distance between tables.

  • Deepening of the cleaning and disinfection routines of serving utensils, as well as the areas of greatest contact and furniture.

  • Provision of alcohol gel in the area.

  • The breakfast service will be organized in different time slots and will be assisted by waiters. In the current context, self service will not be allowed.

  • Breakfast products are supplied in single serving and single serving packages.

  • Reservation for dinner services.

  • Elimination of physical menus, which will be replaced by digital solutions through QR codes.

We are attentive to any new resolution to align ourselves in that regard. The criteria of frequency and cleaning reinforcement will accompany the entire hotel protocol.


  • Mandatory use of TAPABOCAS within the area.

  • Deepening the routine of cleaning all the areas involved.

  • Spa: admission only with shifts. Enabled for massages / treatments, relaxation room, gym. Limited capacity to adapt in ozonated hidrojacuzzis, dry sauna and Finnish bath.

  • Hydrotherapy circuit with a maximum of 2 people, per shift.

  • Heated outdoor pool: available in summer season (12/20 to 2/28)


Recommendations to our future visitors:

To safeguard the health of our employees, guests, and other visitors, we ask that you postpone your visit if you are ill with COVID-19 compatible symptoms, have been in contact with infected people, or have been in quarantine.



The following cancellation and / or reservation modification policies apply only, and without exception, to all reservations made under a flexible cancellation condition . Reservations with a non-refundable condition (no refund) are excluded and cannot be refunded.

Possible impossibility of circulation due to sanitary provisions.

In accordance with article 27 of Law No. 27,563 of support and productive reactivation of the national tourism activity, sanctioned on September 1, 2020 and published in the Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic on September 21, 2020, in the event that due to any sanitary measure adopted by the Executive Power, circulation is prohibited or restricted, preventing the guest from arriving for the use and enjoyment of the room during the reservation period, the guest may choose to:

- The reprogramming of the contracted services, respecting the seasonality, quality and agreed values, within a period of 12 (twelve) months after the lifting of the restrictive circulation measures adopted by the authorities; or

- Receive vouchers for services to be used up to 12 (twelve) months after the termination of the restriction measures, which will provide access to equivalent contracted services and others that the guest will accept; or

- The reimbursement of the amount paid for the contracted services through the payment of up to 6 (six) equal, monthly and consecutive installments, after deduction of bank and administrative expenses. The first installment will expire within 60 (sixty) days of receipt of the request for reimbursement by the hotel. In no case will the guest have the right to claims for compensation and / or reimbursement of any nature for this situation.

Cancellation for personal reasons (not determined by the health authorities)

The guest may choose to:

- Reschedule travel dates without penalty charges or fare difference; or

- Receive service vouchers to be used until 12/31/2021; or


- Request the refund of the amount paid according to the following conditions:

• Cancellation up to 20 days will have cancellation costs of 20% of the total stay.
• From 19 to 7 days before, they will have cancellation fees of 40% of the total stay.

• From 6 to 3 days before, they will have cancellation fees of 50% of the total stay

• 2 days before or No Show (no show), will have cancellation fees for 100% of the total stay

The refund of the amount paid will be made after 60 (sixty) days of receipt of the request for reimbursement by the hotel, after deduction of reimbursement, banking and administrative expenses, and may be made in up to 6 (six) equal installments, monthly and consecutive. In no case will the guest have the right to claims for compensation and / or reimbursement of any nature for this situation.


NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATIONS : The hotel will charge the entire reservation and in case of cancellation, the amount paid will not be refunded.


During this time of pandemic your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.



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